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Festivals in Denmark

Although festivals in Denmark come in many different guises throughout the year, the main elements of many of them seem to be Vikings and Music … Read more

Ghent Festival

The Ghent Festival in Belgium, also known as the Gentse Feesten, is the largest and most popular outdoor cultural festival in Europe. Gentse Feesten is … Read more

Festivals in Croatia

Croatia is rapidly losing its position as one of Europe’s undiscovered gems – and one of the reasons is the popularity of many of the … Read more

Festivals in Belgium

Festivals in Belgium play a significant rôle in the country’s social and cultural life, and they range from small-scale village fetes to enormous national celebrations.    … Read more

Festivals in Austria

Festivals in Austria consist not only of the elegant and prestigious musical events in Salzburg and Vienna that are known throughout the world – significant … Read more