Festivals in Europe 2023

Welsh Castle

Festivals in Wales

The Festivals in Wales make it absolutely clear why the country is known throughout the world as the Land of Song. Few countries of such ... Read more
Windmill Netherlands

Festivals in the Netherlands

One of the great things about festivals in Holland is that, for those living in Britain, they are amongst the most accessible in the whole ... Read more
Montreux - Switzerland

Festivals in Switzerland

For a comparatively small country, the number of festivals in Switzerland of top class international status is astonishingly high. During the summer months, the very ... Read more
Segovia - Spain

Festivals in Spain

Most of the festivals in Spain have religious beginnings, although sometimes those religious elements seem very obscure today. What is certain, though, is that you ... Read more
Edinburgh Castle

Festivals in Scotland

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people come ‘north of the border’ just to experience some of the amazing festivals in Scotland. Hogmanay celebrations, the ... Read more
Venice - Italy

Festivals in Italy

Festivals in Italy are a big part of everyday life. Because Italians always seem to be in a festive mood, their weekends are often spent ... Read more
Galway City

Festivals in Ireland

People from all over the world like to go to festivals in Ireland because they know that, especially at festival time, Ireland is one of ... Read more
Budapest - Hungary

Festivals in Hungary

Hungary is undoubtedly a country of great contrasts and the variety of festivals in Hungary helps typify some of those contrasts perfectly. This is a ... Read more
Brandenburg Gate - Berlin

Festivals in Germany

Some of the largest celebrations in Europe happen every year at festivals in Germany – the country where carnival is often referred to as ‘the ... Read more
France Festivals

Festivals in France

If you ever wondered why the French phrase Joie de vivre became universally known, a brief glimpse of festivals in France will explain everything! With ... Read more
Helsinki Cathedral

Festivals in Finland

Although many of the most popular festivals in Finland take place in and around Helsinki, there are many other often quite idiosyncratic, or even downright ... Read more
Tower Bridge in London

Festivals in England

Festivals in England range from charming, old-fashioned village fêtes all the way to enormous events lasting several days and attracting over 100,000 people. There is ... Read more
Copenhagen - Denmark

Festivals in Denmark

Although festivals in Denmark come in many different guises throughout the year, the main elements of many of them seem to be Vikings and Music ... Read more

Festivals in Croatia

Croatia is rapidly losing its position as one of Europe’s undiscovered gems – and one of the reasons is the popularity of many of the ... Read more
Belgian City of Bruges

Festivals in Belgium

Festivals in Belgium play a significant rôle in the country’s social and cultural life, and they range from small-scale village fetes to enormous national celebrations.    ... Read more

Popular Festivals in Europe

Palio di Siena Festival

Palio di Siena Festival

There cannot be many horse races in the world similar to the Palio di Siena – 90 seconds or so of pure mayhem around a … Read more
Munich Beer Festival

Munich Beer Festival – Oktoberfest 2023

One of the world’s most famous and well-attended festivals, Oktoberfest has become synonymous with Munich. As many as 6 million people flock to the Bavarian … Read more
Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The largest festival anywhere in the world, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival just seems to go from strength to strength. Famous around the globe for the … Read more